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The Law Office of Kenneth R. Crosley Uncategorized A sad story with a simple fix

A sad story with a simple fix

Every so often I get a call and it goes along the lines of: "My significant other of *a long time* just died. We weren't married, and the house and everything was in their name. What do I need to do to  get the house and access to our funds?"

The first question I ask is  if they had a Will; the answer is almost always no. My next statement is not what they wanted to hear. It goes along the  lines of "Unfortunately nothing. If they had a Will that named you as a beneficiary or you were married then you might be able to get those things."

A simple conversation with an attorney could have saved some serious heartbreak in these situations. A Will, a Transfer on Death Designation, a new deed. Don't get caught in this situation where your hard earned property does not go to who you want.

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